The Hustler | Gina Azzi

The Boston Hawks have quickly become one of my favorite hockey romance series, and I have been waiting for bad boy Simms’s book.  And he surprised me, friends.  First off, his name is Theo.  Eddie is technically his middle name.  WHOA!  Hockey players are known to have a lot of names, but this takes the cake with the epic names! And Sofia is in need of some good things to go her way!

Theo and Sofia have the odds stacked against them.  She is fresh out of a relationship and Theo is trying to find himself after a tough year. They meet in one of the most beautiful settings and take full advantage, but the real world comes crashing down all too quickly.  

Stars align bringing the pair together once again.   With the truth out in the open the pair work to build a relationship.  I will say that Theo had a lot of growing up and owning up to mistakes, and I think Azzi did a fantastic job of humbling him while also having him open up to his teammates.  The Hawks crew is so fabulous they welcomed Sofia into their mix and loved Theo the way he needed.  Theo also surprised me in the fact that he has deep emotions that he isn’t afraid to show Sofia. This couple is unstoppable when they face their hurdles together as a team.  

I’ll be honest, this was not my favorite Hawks book but I still think the characters shined.  Azzi’s writing is impeccable and their story is so worth the read.  Theo and Sofia’s lives were meant to intersect and they balance each other out, and love so hard! Don’t miss the Boston Hawks book!