The Hero She Wants | Anna Hackett

If you like a lot of action, suspense, and sitting on the edge of your seat with a whole lot of romance and chemistry then this is the book for you! I was literally gasping within 5 minutes of starting this book.  

Dr. Hayden Sinclair is an archaeologist who happens to be the President of the United States daughter.  She is passionate about her research and really doesn’t want much to do with politics.  When Hayden is kidnapped in the south American jungle her father sends the best in to retrieve her. 

Shep Barlow is a recluse mountain man and a former Ghost operative.  He enjoys his quiet solitude life.  Or that is at least what he tells people.  Those that know Shep best know that he has a giant heart of gold and deserves love.   When he is asked to retrieve the President’s daughter from the jungle he begrudgingly goes.  But what he thinks Hayden is going to be like and what she really is are two different things.  

Shep and Hayden’s “meet cute” if you can call it that was seriously so epic and amazing and I was giddy with excitement! Hayden is one tough cookie and she is not going to sit back and let the bad guys get her.  Instantly the banter was next level.  I simply adore banter in a relationship and theirs was so amazing, and I loved it!  And the sexual chemistry and tension was so well written.  And so HOT! Goodness gracious these.  The best surprise of all was Shep’s dirty mouth.   When I tell you that I devoured this book, it is not a joke. I DEVOURED it in one sitting.  I could not put this book down.  I want to gush so much about this book, but I really think it is best for you to read it.  There is just so much goodness wrapped up in this book, and so much suspense and action at every turn!

“I’ll treat you dirty, beautiful.”