Strictly Not Yours by Carrie Elks

A Heartwarming Connection in “Strictly Not Yours” by Carrie Elks

“Strictly Not Yours” by Carrie Elks, the fourth installment in the Salinger Brothers Series, delivers a captivating tale of instant connection, hidden identities, and the resilience of its characters. The story revolves around Blair, a self-reliant ex-army girl with a mature outlook on life, and Holden, a pediatric oncologist seeking solace in the boxing ring to cope with stress.

One of the strengths of the novel lies in the undeniable chemistry between Blair and Holden. The instant connection between them creates a compelling narrative that keeps readers engaged from the beginning. The author masterfully weaves their hidden identities into the plot, adding an extra layer of intrigue and suspense to the romance.

Blair emerges as a strong and independent heroine, balancing her roles as a student aiming to become a librarian and a caretaker for her sister and nephew. Her multifaceted character brings depth to the story, and her maturity surpasses the typical college student, making her a relatable and admirable protagonist.

Holden, a pediatric oncologist, provides a unique perspective to the narrative. His choice to channel stress through the boxing ring adds a dynamic element to his character, showcasing his resilience and determination. The contrast between Blair and Holden as caretakers adds layers to their relationship, making it even more compelling.

The novel excels in portraying the importance of family bonds. The presence of the Salinger brothers adds a comforting and heartwarming touch, reminiscent of a balm for the soul. Witnessing the brothers come together again enhances the sense of familial unity, creating a warm and inviting backdrop to the main love story.

“Strictly Not Yours” introduces more angst compared to its predecessors, but this element only serves to enhance the overall narrative. The challenges faced by Blair and Holden add depth to their journey, making their eventual happily-ever-after all the more satisfying.

Carrie Elks delivers a heartwarming and engaging addition to the Salinger Brothers Series with “Strictly Not Yours.” Blair and Holden’s story is a perfect blend of romance, suspense, and familial bonds. Readers who enjoy tales of instant connection and resilient characters overcoming challenges will find this book a delightful and satisfying read.

Book Stats:
Rating: 4/5
Series: Salinger Brothers
Tropes: Hidden Identity, Deception Trope, Family Series, Opposites Attract, Close Proximity, Dr, Boss/employee
3rd Act Break Up- Yes.
Pop: 44%