The Hero She Craves | Anna Hackett

Halle Bradshaw is a girl that knows what she wants, and she wants her dads best friend, and to be a marine biologist. And this girl, she is tenacious and driven.  She is no stranger to love or loss and is so wise beyond her young 23 years. She also happens to be head over heels for her dads best friend, Ren.  So when Halle arrives on Ren’s ship to conduct her grad project final it is just them, open water, some crew members, and some crazy folks after Halle she goes after what she wants… 

Lorenzo (Ren) Santoro is in love with his best friend’s daughter and he has been avoiding her for years … .and then she finds herself on his ship the Atlanta. Ren has a lot of feelings and emotions, not that he would talk about them or express them to anyone, but those that know him know the truth.  He is afraid of letting people in.  His best friend encouraged him to be a better man, and saved him from a terrible life.  So he does what he does best, avoids.  He avoids land and stays where he is happiest on the ocean.  

Boy oh boy did Hackett deliver on the sexual tension and chemistry between these two characters! I was on the edge of my seat eagerly waiting for Ren to just follow his heart! And the suspense in this book was seriously TOP TIER!!! Oh my goodness- the bad guys were relentless and readers were kept in the dark until the very end and I was GIDDY the entire time!  The suspense element in this book was just written so well, and I love how much on page action there was with just Halle and Ren.  Their experience really brought them closer together. 

One of the things that I like most about this series is the various settings, while the characters are interconnected through their time as Navy Seals their lives after the military are vastly different.  This series highlights the found family and brotherhood that the military provides- these men and women are there for one another when they need them.  The open water of the pacific ocean and the Hawaiian tropical rainforests.  I think that this series is going down to be one of my favorite suspense series to date and the teases that Hackett gives us just makes me want more and more!!! I really really need Sawyer’s book!  If you love suspense, tough alpha heroes that melt for their ladies, some spice and strong heroines this series is a must read!


  • Rating: 5 stars
  • POV: First person, dual
  • POP: 68%
  • Series: Unbroken Heroes 
  • Type of Series: Interconnected Standalones
  • Tropes: Dad’s best friend, virgin heroine, close proximity, heroine in danger, loner hero, workplace romance, age gap, pining, romantic suspense, protector hero romance, Cruise ship romance
  • Release Date: 6/13/24
  • Available on Kindle Unlimited