The Confidence of Wildflowers by Micalea Smeltzer

“Confidence of Wildflowers by Micalea Smeltzer is a Captivating Romance Novel”

This book was an absolute whirlwind. At the beginning, we meet Salem, a recent high school graduate, who is navigating her way through the summer. With her boyfriend busy preparing for college, Salem finds herself working at her mom’s antique shop while indulging in youthful activities like partying with friends and shopping. Initially, I struggled to fully engage with the story as it seemed rather juvenile. However, everything changed when Thayer entered the scene. 

Thayer, a 31-year-old who had just moved in next door, crossed paths with Salem on numerous occasions, gradually transforming their encounters into a genuine friendship. Eventually, their bond developed into a mutual attraction that blossomed into something deeper.  

I was captivated by the moment their romance began to unfold, as they opened up about their respective pasts and forged a powerful emotional connection. It was truly beautiful. 

However, as the plot progressed towards the end, I found myself unsure about the direction it took and how it concluded, especially considering this is the first book in a duet. Both characters had to confront their own traumas, and Thayer, feeling emotionally overwhelmed, pushed Salem away.  

“Wildflowers are strong. Resilient. They can grow under most conditions. I want to be like that.”

The last 20% of the book was filled with so many intense events, yet I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the pages. 

Overall, this rollercoaster ride of a book had its ups and downs. Although it started off with a somewhat juvenile feel, the emergence of Thayer brought a whole new level of depth to the story. Their evolving romance and emotional connection were truly captivating. However, the ending left me with mixed feelings, particularly with regards to the couple’s future. Despite any reservations, I found myself utterly absorbed in this book, unable to put it down. 

Book Stats:
Rating: 3/5
Wildflower Duet Book 1
Tropes: single dad, close proximity, age gap, neighbors, emotional trauma, mental health, small town, grumpy sunshine,
TW for abuse, cancer, death of a loved one, and sexual assault. death of a child