Review: Grave by Shantell Tessier

Grave is a man running from so many demons. His fighting against himself and everything in his world. He uses MMA fighting, drugs, and sex with Lucky to help aid his escape.   There does not seem to be any moment when Grave experiences peace.  There is such a deep and whole-body sadness to Grave.  His fellow Kings can not seem to help him or give him a reason to let his demons go. 

A chance encounter on the day he learns his father has died leads him to April. Her purple hair and sternum piercing show him that she is more than just a florist. There is something there drawing him in.

April has the care of her teen age brother since the death of her Mother along with trying to keep open her mother’s beloved Flower Shop, Roses.  April is just barely holding on when her world comes crashing down. After a chance meeting with Grave and a magical date, her flower shop is destroyed by men looking to collect money from her brother.  

I liked the character of April, things are not easy for her but she is trying to make the best of it. She is drawn so intensely to Grave is scary for her.  There are so many red flag with Grave and she see them but she can’t fight against the attraction.  Her need to be there for him is strong but she knows she can’t fix him. She does try to talk to him and be clear with her expectations but between his demons and his addiction she is in over her head. 

The intensity of this story is what I have come to expect from Tessier.  She writes a very angsty love story.  As you observe these characters it is never clear from the beginning how they will reach their HEA.  This is was a 4/5 read for me.  The added snippets from Lucy, who was another addiction and demon for Grave added a nice depth and point of view to the story. If you like a dark emotional read this is a must read.  Please be warned there is violence and drug use in the story, while it fits in to the story line and is very appropriate it might be a trigger for some.