Review: Beautiful Liar by Lauren Rowe.

Damn it Reed Rivers!!!  Why you got to be so great but so stupid!

Going into Beautiful Liar you know that things are not what they seem between Reed and Georgie.  We know that Reed is manipulating things behind the scenes to get Georgie her job with Rock n’ Roll Magazine and a chance at her dream mag, “Dig a little Deeper”. As the reader you see that Reed is trying very hard to show he cares about Georgie with out putting to much of himself at risk. But the more he manipulates things behind the scenes you know it is going to create and even bigger spectacular when Georgie figures out what all Reed has done.  We can see how Reed’s up bring has shaped his interactions in the world.  Honestly, he is trying to buy Georgie’s forgiveness even before she has completely grasped what all Reed has done for her. 

Georgie is so smart.  I love a hot smart character. Georgie is obviously hot as she has attracted some prime male attention, her ex the College athlete, attention of the star football player, but she comes out too trusting of Reed and easily manipulated.  We can see she is smart; she takes few off subject statements and goes digging into Reed’s past via the lawsuits.  She has uncovered more about Reed than I think even some of his friends know, but she is completely blind to Reed’s antics.  And that was hard for me to swallow and not just scream at Georgie. 

Reed and Georgie are hot together.  They lite the pages on fire with their chemistry and sexual attraction.  I love them together and I am completely rooting for them until Reed opens his mouth and I seriously think dude needs a throat punch.  I am shocked no one has hit him yet, because I have at least 6 times in my mind. 
This was a great book 2.  Sometimes in trilogies book 2 will drag and not move the story forward but instead just be a place holder this was not the case with Beautiful Liar.  We needed Beautiful Liar for us to see some of the vulnerabilities in Reed armor.  We need Book 2 to really get to know and understand the characters in play.  I can not wait for book 3 and to see if Reed will need to be punched in the face or if he can pull his shit together and be with Georgie, honestly and openly with out manipulations. 

Beautiful Liar is a 4.9/5 I took away a .1 because I hate waiting!! Honestly it is a 5/5. I am in love with Lauren Rowe and this story is amazing!