The Best Kept Secret by Tawna Fenske

Series: When There’s Smoke # 3
Rate: 4/5 Stars
PoP: 52%
POV: 3rd person dual
Trope: Single parent; small town; siblings ex; friends to lovers
Release Date: February 22, 2022

Nyla and Leo have circled around each other for years.  Mainly because Leo is the ex-husband of Nyla’s sister, as well as the father to her nephew. 

These two have a great relationship and connection because of Seth.  She is somewhat of a go-between for her Sister Mandi and Leo.  When she is stopping at Leo’s house to pick something up for Seth and drop off food for Leo, he is out of sorts from pain medication from a procedure he had.  During this, he drops a bomb on her that she never expects.

What follows is her struggle with the information given, but also the struggle with her growing feelings for Leo.  You would think with a trop of sisters ex, this book would come off as very taboo.  However, you never get that feeling because of the way Fenske writes the story.  These two are true friends and a huge part of each other’s lives.  Leo and Mandi have been divorced for years, and co-parent well, and when they are on page in the book you can tell that there are no lingering feelings.

This book gives you ups and downs, truths and lies, but it all plays out in a way that makes sense.  It is hard truths mixed with a humor that you are guaranteed with Fenske.  This is an excellent story, and I have not yet read the other books in this series, but you do not have to.  It stands alone perfectly.