Review: Up In Smoke by Kate Meader

Rating: 4/5
Series: Hot In Chicago Rookies #1
Tropes: First responder, co-workers, single dad, meet cute,
PoP: 61%

Can a series of almost lead to your great love? 

Roman gets stood up by a blind date. He just happens to grab a piece of pie at the diner across the street.  Recent Fire Academy Grad Abby doesn’t want to go to the club to celebrate but isn’t ready to go home alone stops into the neighborhood diner for a piece of pie before calling it a night. 

I love a meet cute in a romance, plus cherry pie is one of my most favorite pies!  I would have fought Roman for it!   

Now is what happening with random diner guy ends up being your boss and you’re the Rookie Firefighter and meet on your first day! 

The story between Abby Sullivan and single dad, Lieutenant Roman Rossi is one that will stay with me a while. 
This story has such strong relatable characters, and they draw you in. The chemistry between these two is simply amazing!  The small sparks and push and pull creates heat on and off the page!

I loved most about this story is that the characters are not perfect. Both are driven by their past some if it their own making and some of it from outside forces.  They are human and relatable.  The banter between these two really helps bring the story to life. It also allows the read a glimpse into who they are and what matters to them. Their words are thoughtful and show their true nature.

I loved the relationship that Roman has with his sister and daughter. The author does introduce a few secondary characters plus characters from past series. At times it is hard to keep track of everyone but overall, they do not take away from the story but not sure I need them.