Striker | Anna Hackett

Sentinel Security is one of the best security series that I have found.  I love the dynamics of the team, and the mystery surrounding most of them! Anna Hackett has done an amazing job of pulling readers into this series making us want more and more from this team.  I also like that the team is not made of just men.  And their heroines are not wallflowers, they are all strong in their own way.  

Hadley “Striker” Lockwood is one heroine I wish I could be best friends with! She has amazing taste, she is kind, witty, very smart, and a badass former M16 agent.  She has pulled the women of this series in, and showed us her kindness through her actions.  Now, it is her turn to show us what a fierce agent she is.  

Bennett Knightley London’s highly sought after billionaire bachelor quickly took notice of Hadley.  And talk about the full package, Bennett is no slouch either. Former military and now owns a company that supports troops with safe protective gear.  I love how down to earth he is and genuinely cares about people.  

When these two are paired to work together to bring down the bad guy.  The tension and chemistry is seriously epic.  I loved how Bennett was all in and Hadley was the cautious one.  Hadley and Bennett have some epic banter.  Bennett respects the hell out of Hadley professionally and can see what a kind and genuine person she is.  Hadley on the other hand needs time and for Bennett to really show his character. Once she gave into temptation it was so HOT! Their relationship was always more than just a physical connection, they are the full package.  Their HEA is hard fought and the way they work together was what made this book so amazing.  If you love romantic suspense, strong heroines, heroes that step back in awe of their heroines and some mystery, this book is for you!