Sports Romance in Kindle Unlimited

I love sports romance.

I am not what one would call a sport person. In general our household does not really watch any sports. There isn’t one team or season of sports that we seek out. I did grow up with part time sports fan of a father. He watched sport but again it was not his whole personality. Imagine my surprise when the Romance Sports genre quickly became my favorite.  

I am always looking for my next great sports romance. Here are a few of my favorites that are currently in Kindle Unlimited.  


Lots of people think baseball I boring. I will also state I think it is hard if you are true baseball fan to find Baseball Romances that hold up and feel authentic. I know many of my reader friends struggle to find Baseball Romances that work for them. Please remember I am not a huge consumer of sports. I do understand the rules and newances that come with baseball. Here are a few I think are very good.  

Perfect Game Series by Samantha Christy   

These are emotional well written books. It really doesn’t have a ton of on field play, but we absolutely get the teammate and training dynamic. This is a 3 book series and can be read as a standalone.  

All 3 heroes are active players at the start of the books. These books deal a lot with the success of being a ball player and the risks and drive it take to “make it”

Quick Shot of Romance: Stealing Sawyer by Samantha Christy
New Orleans Revelers Series by Jiffy Kate 

This series has some of my favorite tropes. Jiffy Kate write fun and flirty books that have you falling in love with their heroes as they come up against some dynamic heroines. This is a three-book series with 3 book series all active players 

Out of Reach Series by Kaylee Ryan  

I love this series. It is my top baseball rec! Book One the hero is a total book boyfriend. This series is a little different as book 2-3 are the daughters of the book 1 couple. It is a next generation series all in one. It is such a well-done series. The series is also complete and is very binge able.  

You can listen to my review of book 1 in this series on our Patreon Exclusive Podcast- Should you Read it


Hockey Romances have been gaining popularity with in the Sports Romance Genre over the last couple of years. I think due to the mystic around Hockey allows a bit more allowance can be made toward the sport. You don’t get many readers critiquing the on-ice play.  

The Minnesota Raiders Series and The Arizona Rattlesnakes by Edun Dunn. Both these series focus on single dad playing hockey. They are quick and delightful reads. They are well written with great characters. You get lots of team and family dynamic in these story which makes them that much better of a read.

Minnesota is a 9 book series. Each book stands on its own with its own HEA. It is great to be able to have glimpses of past couples.

The Arizona Rattlesnakes is an ongoing series. Currently there are 8 books in the series. Book 1 in the series First Match has one of the Grumpiest Coaches I have ever read. it was great and the Heroine is smart and funny and I really like her.

Click to Listen to book 2 in the Minnesota Raider Series
Seattle Shark and Carolina Reapers by Samantha Whiskey.

This is an author I should spend some more time reading her backlist I have read her Carolina Reapers Series out of order and all over the place. I also have done the same to her Seattle Sharks. I really do enjoy her writing style and think she creates amazing stories. If you are looking for sports romances with huge Friends and team dynamic read these.

The author focuses a lot on community and supporting each other up. There is also lots of on ice play and locker room scenes.

Other authors that are in Kindle Unlimited that I highly recommend Natasha Madison has 4 Hockey Series in KU.  Helena Hunting All In and Puck Series are both in KU. Both these authors write amazing stories. They have over the top dynamic characters that will leave you wanting more.


While Football is very popular in the US sport however there are not a ton of well-done football romances with in the Sports Romance Genre. Here are a couple of my favorites.  

The Denver Mountain Lion Series by Emily Silver  

Emily Silver writes low angst very enjoyable Football romances. I feel like you can read her books as standalones. They are fast readers. The more you get in this series the quality of writing does increase. I think Emily is a newer on the scene author and I am very excited to see what stories she brings us in the future and how her writing grows.

Author Ilsa Madden Mills has a few different Football Series in Kindle Unlimited. I have read just 3 different books by her in these series. I do find these books to be a bit longer with a lot more deep emotions in them. At times I did feel like she overwrites at times and if you like an angstier read you should absolutely check her books out.

We did Quick Shot Reviews for both these books on the Podcast

In this list I only covered 3 sports. Kindle Unlimited has so many more sports represented. I will be back with other sports along with individual books with a sport playing character.