Re-introducing the Buzzing about Romance Team

Hey everyone!  We are so happy to have you as a part of the Buzzing About Romance Community! It really is such a great place to be!

We have some new members to our community and just wanted to reintroduce ourselves to you! We also wanted to share thoughts on the community.

I am Becky creator of the Bookcase and Coffee Blog and The Podcast. A year ago, we launched the Podcast Buzzing About Romance as a rebrand of our original podcast.  This happened after making the hard choice to part ways with my original co-host.

Last February I added Leah as my full time Co-host and partner. As we were working on what we wanted our podcast to look like, we started to bounce ideas off each other.  It was important to both of us that we were bringing you a variety of perspectives on a variety of books.

During this time, we invited Katie and Sadie to bring us Historical book reviews and perspectives.  They stepped in and found great success. It quickly became obvious that they needed their own podcast… thus Corset and Crown.  We launched them into their own Podcast in Jan of 2022.

Also during our transition, we auditioned several members of the book community to join us for round table discussions and Quick Shots of Romance episodes. Part of the reason for this was 2-fold. 1 relying on solely one co-host was not realistic. Families and life happen.  I have a personal goal to never missing our Sunday Episodes and to keep my goal we needed a support system. Secondly, We also wanted to bring you a variety of Quick Shot reviews with 2 a week.  Leah and I both workday jobs and reading and reviewing up to 13+ books a month was overwhelming. So, we brought on a variety of contributors to help us with this. Carolina, Lindsey, Rachel, and Heather B. We have at times invited special Co-host to fill spots due to vacations and such.

With the launch of Corset and Crown to their own podcast feed we realized that we needed a little more help. Jenni has been blogging on Bookcase and Coffee since December and felt that she had a very thoughtful and unique perspective. We invited her to join us as a contributor for Quick Shots.  Jenni and Hana have also stepped in to help monitor and admin the Discord Server.  We want discord to be a bright place where we come together to share our love of romance and talk book life and it is so helpful to have others willing to help us out.

There might be times in the future where will invite members of our community to join us for a special topic episode that we think an individual has a unique perspective on. We will let you know when those opportunities present themselves.

We also love that this community has both readers and authors in it! We love supporting authors as much as we can.  We have loved having them and help to promote their books.  We do have some ways that you can promote your books or upcoming releases.  If you are interested in those send us an email. We have special Channels in our discord server along with opportunities in our Newsletter and on the website.

In order to keep our community a welcoming and safe place we do ask that you respect the following:

Contacting members of the group to promote services is unacceptable.  Many of us do edits, beta reading and such and do not want this to become an open
play for jobs.

Respect Everyone’s Privacy. 

Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group should stay in the group.

Neither the Buzzing nor Corset podcast have advertisers. We are solely funded by our Patreon Campaign and Amazon Affiliate link.  No larger media company like Frolic or Wondary own us. We are 💯 indie.  Expenses like EQ, websites, giveaways, software, and editing are supported by the Patreon campaign.  What Patreon does not cover my husband and I personally cover them.  No one involved in the podcast draws a salary. We hope one day that will change.

The podcast and the book blog are the definition of a Passion a project!  I love romance books and I want to share that joy. I want to know what you are reading and what books you love. I have always wanted a community that embraces everyone and truly has space for all.  So far, I have been able to do this with our community. I hope to keep doing for the foreseeable future. Happy Reading and look forward to an amazing year 2 for Buzzing about Romance