Slick Senator (Cocky Hero Club) by Mika Lane

Cricket Curtain- Obit writer for the Washington Chronical.  Graduate of George Washington University.  Sort of Salk of one Senator Richardson. 

Talbot Richardson- youngest Senator ever elected to the US Senate.  Graduate of George Washington University.  Lover of women, collector of Scandal.

I love a good steamy chemistry driven romance and political novel and Slick Senator did not disappoint. I loved every scandal filled moment.  This book had it all. Great Flirty Banter, Steam love scenes, and puppy videos.

I really wanted to dislike Senator Talbot Richardson.  I thought for sure that where there is one scandal there would be more.  He surrounds himself with a chief of staff who is a total hound dog.  I just felt like this was going to end badly for Cricket.  I expected huge heart ache for her. 

Cricket is one of the funniest quirkiest characters I have read in a long time.  I loved her obsession with puppy videos.    Her stalker skills are going to make her an excellent career in journalism.  The back story for Cricket was relatable and gave her a lot of depth. 

This was a fun flirty read.  With a fantastic HEA.  I read this book in one sitting.  The storyline moves and has so many great supporting characters and protagonist.   I loved these characters and story so much I wanted more.  I would give with a 4.5/5 read.