Review: Witcha Gonna Do by Avery Flynn

Rating: 2/5
Tropes: Enemies to lovers, PNR, Rom-Com

I did really enjoyed this book. Tilda is a member of a powerful family of witches. However she has zero powers herself.

Gil’s family has been banished, some undercover work for the counsel is his chance to get them back. He is tasked with investigating Tilda and her family. When ever Gil is around Tilda he feels a power so strong he usually makes a mess of things.

From a matchmaker putting these two in each others path along with all the enemies to lovers vibes this was a fun read at times. This is the fun quirky book you expect from Avery Flynn.

A couple of thing unfortunately, did not work for me. I struggled with the world building. I was rooting for TIlda but Gil fell short. I felt like his character need more. At times it did feel like there was a lot of information being thrown at the reader making it hard to stay engaged. The Council, The Resistance, The Misfits, the double agents, goblins, trolls etc. Instead of giving us a well described world building, I think the author was going for an immersive feel to the world but at times I was drowning in details.
The trend of these witchy romances, PNR Rom-Coms might not be the place for this reader. Typically I love what this author writes but this time it was just ok.