A Cocky Hero Club Novel

Leo and Riya have grown up together and at one point might have even be friends. Now as grownups Friends is the last thing you would call them.   Leo is the stereo typical wealthy playboy. A big mistake flashed on the front page of the gossip rags has everything in his life in chaos.  Riya is asked to come home and save Leo and “fix” his imagine.  They have grown up together, lusted after one another and now it is going to take all of Riya skills to save Leo’s reputation. Riya need to conquer the Romeo and his clean up his imagine and get out.  There is so much attraction and chemistry between them make the job incredibly difficult.  Leo hot and a bit cocky. Leo and Riya also have to navigating their big family dynamic.

This was my first read by author Sienna Snow.  I will say she has a gift for creating and developing strong female leads. I have always loved the sense of Family in a book and Sienna Snow writes it exceptionally well in this story.  I hope to read more Giuliani-Vaughn stories in the future.

This is one of the enemies to lover story that the sparks and steam just seem to leap off the pages at you.  This was a 4.5/5 read form me.  If really had everything you expect and need from the pages of the Cocky Hero Club.