Rushed by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Instant Connection; Vacation Fling; Alpha Male; Slow Burn
POV: Dual 1st Person
Series: Adventures in Love Book 1

There are couple things you know that you are going to get when you open up a book by Aurora Rose Reynolds. You are going to get an instant connection that never fails to end in an HEA and you get a possessive alpha that holds nothing back when it comes to his heroine. Tanner is no different. He and Cybil meet when she has gone on a nature adventure on her own. She was supposed to go on this trip with her fiancé but days before their wedding he had broken it off, and she has been wallowing a little big. So she decided to make this trip and there she meets Tanner. There is just oemthing about him that she can’t stay away, and it is the same for him.

One things I adore about this book, is the fact that they each have an amazing friend/family group that they have created a found family of their own. But when each of these groups has a person or persons questioning their choice to be together, the two of them fight for each other because they know that even though this is fast, then have something real and true. I enjoy the suspense elements that are mixed in, and think this new series is well thought out and I am excited to see where ARR takes us in the next couple of books.