Running from the Blaze

Rating: 4/5 Series: Industrial November on Tour Book 2 Tropes: Fake Relationship, Rockstar, Virgin, New Adult

I went into this book not really knowing what to expect. I figured it would be a stereotypical fake relationship trope. And although that is an element of the story line it is not the most influential on the growth of the characters.
Lola is a mature 19 year old just trying to make do until she can get herself back to her only blood family left, in Mexico, and start fresh. Karl is the newest member of Industrial November and trying to prove himself to the rest of the band. The two meet in an unusual way but quickly learn that they have many common interest.
I really enjoyed that Martinez did not start hot and heavy with these characters (although there is plenty of steamy build up). Both Lola and Karl are struggling with a past beyond their control that has shaped who they are and their relationships. Each is looking for an honest love but do not believe they will find it with each other. As feelings build and past fears arise, conflict is unavoidable.
When both seem to have made peace with life, they begin to realize that the past does not have to control the future. They can live the life they want, if only they chose to do so.
I loved that we get to see how both Lola and Karl mature throughout this book. They figure out issues alone and together. And are good reminders that we never know one’s whole story from a surface look.