Review: Wrong Text, Right Love by Claudia Burgoa

This book was one of the better fun flirty rom-coms I have read in a while. I have only read a few of Claudia Burgoa’s books but I am slowly becoming a big fan. Her way of telling a story and creating unique characters is captivating. I don’t think the blurb does this story justice. It is more than flirty random text that connect these two.

Persephone Brassard (Persey)- Sex therapist, self help author, social media personality, podcaster. Persey, lives her life in the public eye. It has created all sort of issues for her. She has had difficultly surrounding herself with people that truly see her under her public persona, outside her family.

Langford Chadwick (Chad)- Chad is Persey’s grumpy neighbor, a man of mystery. He seems to not like anyone other than his Brother Nate(wick).
I loved the story of Persey and Chad. It did not go quite as I expected but I think that is why I loved it so much. The twist of the story line and the way the characters come together is unique. I loved the way this relationship develops but also how each of the characters have their own moments of self-discovery.
I really don’t want to give to much away because the twist of the story is what makes this such a good read. Be prepared for fun flirty banter. Quirky fun characters. Supporting Characters who only enhance the story. This was a 4.5/5 read for me. I would recommend you add this to your TBR Pile.