Review: Worth the Wait by Karla Sorensen

Rating: 5/5   PoP: 60% Love at First Sight Book 4 SPRU

Hunter Buchanan has not been back to Green Valley, Tennessee for twelve years. Since Iris Black, the love of his life, told him to leave. After an amicable divorcee, he has returned to home to sort his life and plan for the future. What he does not know is that Iris has been back in town for a few years and is busy planning a strong future for her brother and herself. Theo is her much younger half-brother that she knew nothing about until their mother ran into trouble yet again. He is acting out a bit by blowing off school and must complete a summer school type session to maintain progress with his peers. Hunter just so happens to be the person to help him do that. 

If you read the rest of the books in this Smartypants series you have heard mentions of Hunter and his avoidance for Green Valley. You also know that for a Buchanan, true love can only be found in Green Valley. Hunter had found it with Iris when they were in high school. After a few great years together, she told him to leave and he did. Iris and Hunter still have the love they once shared but a lot of things have happened to both of them in the past twelve years. They have to learn how to approach any real lasting relationship with compromise and trust. Something they did not give completely the last time. 

The characters in this book are so great. Green Valley always feels like home to me and I really enjoyed revisiting the Buchanan family. The meddling by Maxine Barton, Iris’ neighbor and family friend, was the best. Theo acted age appropriate for a ten year old boy that has been through the trauma that he has. I love that not only Iris has to learn to accept things she never thought she could have but Hunter had to face his fears as well. My favorite scene was with Hunter and his brother, Levi and Levi’s fiancée, Joss. You certainly can read this book as a standalone but it is so much richer if you read them all. Hunter’s story was truly worth the wait. I don’t know if we will get anymore books from Karla in Green Valley but I am so glad she shared her stories with us.