Review: Tropical Love by R. S. Jonesee

Rating: 4/5 PoP:53%    Postscript Island #0

Postscript Island is an inland south of Florida that is only accessible by boat or airboat. I love this concept as it has a small town feel but is a tropical local. Eighteen years after being left by his fiance, Kingman Sinclair is finally making all the dreams they shared together a reality. However, the surprise stand-in for his opening night play is none other than Francesca Goodwin, Hollywood elite and the girl that left him. 

This novella gives the reader a great introduction to the Postscript world and the inner workings of the island. Kingsman has made a great contribution to the island’s livelihood and I am sure the resort will be central in the following books. It is obvious both Francesca and Kingman have tried to move on from the past but a small piece always belongs to your first love. The truth really does set these characters free, and the epilogue is so sweet. 

This is a novella but it is great at building a world that the reader would want to visit and be a part of. It has a great balance of funny, extra ridiculous humor and serious, believable situations. As much as my heart hurt for Francesca and Kingsman’s lost time, I loved their HEA.