Review: Nanny and the Hearttrob by Krista Sandor

Rating: 5/5 PoP: 15% Nanny Love Match Book 4

Harper Presley is not having a good day. Everything that could go wrong is going wrong, epically. Including running into Landon Paige, the last man in need of a nanny match. Landon’s life has been a series of highs and lows. His music was once his escape but is now endangered if he cannot provide new content. Ladon and Harper anticipate that they are the next nanny match and are trying to avoid it, but end up doing the opposite. 

I love the ridiculousness of this series. As crazy as some of the situations the characters find themselves in are, you can totally envision it happening to yourself. The children are always entertaining with honesty that only kids can pull off. Aria is a bit more reserved than the others in our nanny crew, but with good reason. I also love that as silly as the situations both Landon and Harper (more so) find themselves in are, they are both dealing with past heartbreak and real life issues as well. Harper has developed ways to help neurodivergent learners learn music and her skills are priceless to both Landon and Aria. I really appreciated that this was a connecting point for the characters. Everyone learns differently and we need to find what works for us. 

This was a great conclusion to the Nanny Love Match series and the end left it open to a possible spinoff(?). I fell in love with Rowen in Nanny and the Nerd and each book just added to the fun. These are the perfect books for an escape from reality with laughs but also feels. Each book could be read as a standalone but for the full experience I recommend reading them all.