Review: Tie Me Down by Melanie Harlow

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 3/5
Trope: childhood friends to lovers, Second chance romance, found family, small town, close proximity, single mom,
Series: Bellamy Creek #4 (series of standalones),
POV: First person dual point of view

A red truck. A restaurant menu. A baseball. A picture. Four eighteen-year-old guys had no idea what was waiting for them. Fate would find them anyway.

An emotional coming together of two souls that were meant to be.  This is an amazing example of the journey our hearts take.  The hearts journey in this book is not without miss opportunities and so many complications. 

This might be my favorite story of this series.  The series is phenomenal.  Each story in the Bellamy Creek Series is a perfect for each of the men.  An epic bromance amongst four friends that spans a lifetime and four feisty strong women who show strength in love and choice.

Beckett and Maddie’s story was pure fate as their hearts are meant to beat together. 

Maddie and Beckett were great friends growing up. They lived across the street from one another. She was the girl he always wanted. Life and situations had them never finding their way together.  Maddie runs from the small town of Bellamy Creek to escape a domineering mother.  While Beckett heads out into the world to find his success. 

Beckett is back living in Bellamy Creek. Returning to run the family’s ranch and caring for his ailing father. It’s a bit lonely, but he has his friends and not much free time for anything else other than Old Man Baseball.

Maddie returns to town with her son for a few weeks. Now a single mom after a bad divorce. She’s in Bellamy Creek to sell her childhood home. Beckett being the good guy he has invited her to stay with him on the farm. 

This story will tie you in knots.  Beckett and Maddie are my favorite couple of this series.  But there are moments when you just wish Beckett would shut his mouth and stop talking.  He isn’t always so great at clearly articulating his heart’s desire.  This story is filled with big emotions.  I also want to commend the author for the subtle way she made inclusion normal.  I am already a fan of the author, but this part of the story made me love her even more.

This is a must read.  It is one of the best Friends to Lovers, second chance romances I have ever read. I am sure I will be telling everyone to read this for the next long while!