The Best Mistake was my first time reading anything written by Cookie O’Gorman, and it didn’t disappoint. Generally New Adult is not always my favorite genre, but I was captivated by Honor and Archers story from the very first chapter.

I loved the character of Honor. She is fun and quirky. He has a lot of self-doubt and trust issues to wade through due to some personal history. I do not typically enjoy the new adult genre often because the characters are immature, it also sometimes comes off as “high school” this was not the case by O’Gorman.  She wrote Honor as if she has been carrying the whole world for her lifetime.  So much so that she has not even attend a college party.  She is a senior and hasn’t even had a boyfriend or sex. 

Archer O’Brien has a lot more depth than I thought a college athlete would have.  He is super thoughtful.  He has such a seriousness about him.  His sense of responsibility for his family makes him even more desirable.  All this plus being a star baseball player makes him a completely swoon worthy character.  His familiar relationships play a huge part in this story line.  As with any large Irish family they are constantly in each other’s business. 

The meet cute between these two was steamy and simply perfect but at the moment when says the wrong brothers name you just know this story is going to have its share of push and pull between Honor and Archer. 

The supporting characters in this story also have a lot of potential. I can’t wait for their stories.  They all add something to the storyline. Sometimes if there is a large cast of supporting characters the story becomes muddled.  O’Gorman made sure that it was very clearly Honor and Archer’s story and the supporting characters did not distract from the main story. 

This is was a good read for me.  It was a solid 4/5 read.  I loved that their connections were more than just sexual or baseball, it gives the sense this relationship will go the distance.