Sadie -dance teacher, lawyer, the center of a decade old scandal she can’t out run. 

Tanner – New to town, Single father, Sheriff Deputy.   

Raylan-daughter to Tanner, Dance student of Sadie, sweet funny six year old. 

I previously had not read anything by Lea Coll.  I am really glad I read Take a Chance on Me.  The characters are rich in personality and multifaceted. Overall I really felt a complete world with the story.  Sadie’s struggle is so real for many.  Her struggle of having no one that sticks in her life and learning to depend solely on herself is what so many experience when they have someone the love with an addition. The trauma of an alcoholic mother and her own assault along with that of her friends profoundly affected her.  But even in her lonely existence she was able to finish college and law school.  While her life choices haven’t always been the best; she has learned from her mistakes and is trying to keep her head above water. 

The personal journey of Sadie through her Al-anon group is deeply emotional.  It was very difficult to read but no less emotionally compelling.  While the Romance between Sadie and Tanner is a slow burn moving through both their doubts, I think the more emotional journey is Sadie discovering she has value and people do stick and love her. I was worried their relation would come off as co-dependent as they both have people in their lives fighting an addition.  But it doesn’t come off that way at all. It starts as a person recognizing a similar soul and showing them acceptance and support. 

This was such a profound read for me.  It was a very emotional story.  This was a 4.5/5 star read for me.  My issues were with some of the outlying relationships, but I am really being kind of not picky.  I would highly recommend this book. It is a slow burn romance with a pretty rocky bath to the HEA.