Review: See My by Stacey Kennedy

Rating: 5/5
Series: Phoenix Club #4
Series Type: Interconnected Standalone
Tropes: big-city, book-boy-friends, first-responder-mc, found-family, friend-group, friends-to-lovers, kink, level-4-steam, pining-for-her, sex-club
Pop: 16%

A story that will transport you to a world of intimacy, longing and chemistry that sparks off the pages. 

I have been desperate for Lottie’s story since book one.  There was a reason she was this quiet seductress that seemed to keep everyone at arm’s length. 

Lottie is a bit of an enigma. She is sensual and seductive. She is a dog walker by day and plays in the Phoenix Club at night. Preforming other’s fantasies while engaging in her own voyeur kink. Lottie loves to be watched, but with every act she does she pictures the Hunt the man she desires above all else but keeps at a distance because she worries about her past touching him.  She has this enchanting power over Hunt Walker. 

Hunt Walker has been pulled into Lottie’s orbit at the Phoenix Club. He wants to possess all her desires and provide her with all the satisfaction. Hunt can not seem to get past Lottie’s defenses.  She is not willing to allow him in.  He is being patience because he knows that Lottie is his always and forever. 

A series of events forces Lottie to lean on Hunt but to also open the pandora’s box of her past.  She is so concerned that her past is going to tarnish Hunt’s future. 

This was such a great read. I love Lottie and Hunt on the page together. Their passion for one another is tangible.  Their connection is so strong not even Lottie’s past can tear them apart, she just has to trust that Hunt will help her figure this out. I love this series. I love the found family.  The sexiness of this story is off the charts, but it is more than just the act. This is a story that show connection through emotions and passion. The love and acceptance of this story is simply gorgeous. One of the sexiest books of 2022 so far. I can not recommend this enough!