Ep 100 : Battle of the Siblings Best Friends

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance we are doing things a little differently. Leah and Becky go head to head to battle for the love of their top Sibling’s Best Friend Romance. Special Guest Host is podcast contributor Heather.

Rules as provided by Heather:   

{Basics} 10 book recs total.  5 books are ones both Becky and Leah have read and 5 will be ones that just they have read.  We will start with the 5 they have both read  

Book of the Week: 



Programing Note for the Upcoming Summer Months we will be going down to One Quick Shot of Romance Episode a week. Those will drop on Thursdays.  We are doing this to allow time for vacations and all those fun summer commitments.  This is a great time to catch up on past episodes or give some of your favorites a re –listen.   With Summer reading we will be adding some additional events like Instagram and Tiktok Lives and we have a few Happy Hours Planned for the months of June and July!   

Next Up: It is Bookish Round Up Summer Reading Edition. We will let you know what books we are anticipating for the summer. We will also touch on some news from the book world.

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