Review: Running from the Blaze by Ofelia Martinez

Rating: 4/5
Series: Industrial November book 2
Trope: Fake Relationship, virgin trope, rockstar romance, fated to love

Running from the Blaze is a multifaceted rockstar romance that about more than just making music and success.  It is about finding your place in this world and fighting for your heart. 

Lola is such a complex character to break down.  Upon realizing that everything she thought her life was a ruse. Lola takes the steps to find her truth and seek out her place in a world where she belongs.  All Lola has ever wanted was to be loved and belong.  I also liked that Lola wasn’t typical in her looks of what we think Latinx looks like. It was nice reminder that all parts of the Americas were colonized by Europeans.   

Karl’s back story is a bit different. He isn’t who he seems. His upbring was not great.  He life has not been easy but this break to be part of this band is everything for him.   He loves making music and being apart of the band Industrial November and will do everything he can to remain a part of it.  Karl is a complex and as we peel back his layers, we realize that Karl is nothing we thought he was but so much more.

Running from the Blaze is such a great story.  The first encounter between Lola and Karl is “sticky” but so fun.  Together these two decided to help each other out.  Lola needs money to help with her move to Mexico and Karl is desperate to clean up his reputation.

The author writes this story in a way that each page we anticipate the characters feelings.  The relationship has so much chemistry, but also the building of a friendship between Karl and Lola. Karl is fighting his desire for Lola, trying to stay in the lines. Lola makes it clear that she wants him or rather his body and is doing all she can to push him to her way of thinking.

This story is surprisingly emotional. It is a great balance between romance and angst. Running from the Blaze is a beautiful story of finding your place. It is about controlling you destiny.  Lola and Karl are two souls destined to be together.  Their hearts are fated to live as one.