Review of Catfish by Hazel Grace

Romance and Politics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it.  I am apolitical junky.  I love the dirtiness of politics and the complications that seem to happen when you throw in a romance and shake things up.  I always think a pollical romance trope has so many ways to move the story around and change up the “typical”.  Catfish does this with simply having Wade hide behind his best friend’s dating profile. You get a glimpse of the true man under his political veneer. Wade comes across as funny and engaging.  Which really seems a complete 180 from his pollical persona. 

Wade is a hard man and in book one we know he struggles with his family and has few true friends.  But there is something about him the seems to warrant complete loyalty from what few friends he has.  We do not learn the reasons in Book One.  We do see that there is something there that effects all the relationships he is in. 

Reagan is a hard nut to crack and boy does she have a type.  She has a thing for men in power.  She also has such amazing snark and sarcasm, I kind of want to be her best friend.  Reagan also seems to have difficulty maintain close relationships.  She owns an event planning business with her cousin, but she doesn’t seem to open about her life to her.  She is good as what she does and seems able to handle any situation that is thrown as her. I love her and Wades interactions.  They have an electrifying attraction to each other, and how others in the room aren’t sensing it and questioning it floors me.  They can’t be that good at hiding it. 

I have not yet decided how I feel about the story Catfish.  I love a good anti-hero.  I love a story of a girl skirting the edge of good trying to turn her life fully to the good.  But there are so many open questions as the book ends on a huge cliff hanger.  Not one-story line was resolved, and I am going to need book two in the Duet to have a full impression of the story.  So far, I am engaged, I will absolutely be reading book two.  But my full impression of the story can’t happen until I finish the story. I need resolution people!! 

Catfish was a 3.75 out 5 stars read for me.  It always is frustrating as a reader to not have any story lines resolved or at least one final moment of realization.  Hopefully Book 2 gives me that. 

Title: Catfish: An Illusive Duet Book 1

Author: Hazel Grace

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: March 24, 2020