Man on Top. 

This novella whets your appetite for the world of the Sebastians. Dark Tall man of mystery.  Sexy and doing as he pleases.  Trying to make a phone call and caught watching a sexy moment between two people has me wanting more from this story.  I can not wait to see where Paige takes in this new world she has created.  In true sexy fashion I know there will be lots of sexy angst and oh the drama.  Everyone should be downloading this Novella. 

Man, in Charge

The world of the Sebastains is just what I needed.  Sexy, engaging and full of broody family led man.  A world where the demands of the hierarchy leaving you hating and loving all the people in it.  I was engaged from the beginning and wanted to see what this story would hold for the characters.  I love the broodiness of Scott.  Tess is passionate not just about her career and the man who has entranced her but also her love for her friend. She is torn between passion and purpose.  Brett is a wild card. He is the nice guy, but is he?  Will there a be a twist? While I expect a twist when Paige writes a story and I knew one was coming, I had even guessed what it would be …. But ugh why am I so broken when it happens.  I knew it was a cliff hanger!  I knew and still I am frustrated!  But that is ok.  Read this!  It is the perfect sexy angsty read.  Alpha man who are just waiting for us to know their stories. 

This was 4.5/5 read for me.  I really enjoyed it.  I took off a ½ star simple because I did see the twist from the beginning. But I am interested to see how it will play out and what will happen in this story.  Maybe Scott isn’t Tess’ happily ever after, maybe it is Brett… 

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