This was the most emotional angsty hockey romance I have ever read.  It was not a typical Hockey Romance as the guys career and team interactions were not the focus of the story.  This was truly a love story of two people coming together when everything says they shouldn’t be together.  Both Valor and Bishop and Valor experienced loved and acceptance from people in their lives but not from their mothers. 

The Book starts off not typically with Valor’s mother point of view.  I had to double check the blurb to make sure I had read it correctly and wasn’t getting her Mother’s story.  But is was just a to set the story. It took me an additional moment when Valor shares her story through her young eyes at 10, 13, 16, and 18.  I was worried that Valor’s story might be a trigger given her young age and at the start of the book Bishop was 18. But it was well done. We needed every view and moment to have the connection and realize that Bishop needed Valor and she need Bishop. 

There was so much emotion in this story. Each person and their emotions were needed in this story for you to understand the strength is sometimes takes to tell someone you love them and to be with them.  No one is perfect and this was not the perfect romance.  There are times when Bishop needs a throat punch or Valor is simply being difficult.  Honestly, this was needed.  Every fight, every moment of sadness, needed because to find perfect love sometimes it must get messy.

This was a debut offering from Monty Jay. While the read is a little wordy and could use some edits to help move the story some. I really enjoyed the book. This was a 5/5 read for me.  I will put her on Authors list and can’t wait for her next release.