Review: Good Hands by Kelly Jamieson

Rating: 5/5
Series: Bears Hockey II Book 2
Tropes: Hockey Romance, Vacation Fling, Friends with Benefits,
PoP: 4%

This is a Vacation Fling, Friends with benefits romance that was completely different than anything else I have ever read. The story took an unexpected journey that made these tropes feel fresh and innovative. 

Brandon is a seasoned professional hockey player.  He is on vacation in Aruba during the All-Star break with some teammates when he connects with another vacationer.  Lola on much needed vacation from her corporate life decided to take a chance on last night of her vacation to approach a guy in the bar.    

 A chance meeting several weeks later at a department store has them reconnecting.  Neither of them is looking to date or purse anything for the long term.  Their boundaries they set in place were honored by both characters almost to the detriment of the relationship. 

There is so much in this story.  It really is a story that shows growth and learning to communicate your needs clearly.  While it does have a bit of a feel of miscommunication trope it isn’t, instead it is two people who need to learn to show their true self and communicate with those in their lives. 

I really loved Brandon.  I really loved that he was more than just a hockey player.  His depth and choices as human being were so relatable. 

Lola was a great character, but at times a little to like my own journey.  She is trying to prove her value as a daughter, employee, and friend.  Her issues with control and just doing it herself at times I felt like I was looking in the mirror. 

This story was so much more than I anticipated.  It was surprising in how it moves us through their relationship.  There was a beauty to this story that in small way show just how reflective of real-life romance can be.  The emotions of this story will touch your heart and make you think about some of your own choices. You should absolutely add Good Hands to your TBR.

April 12