Review: Fractured Freedom by Shain Rose

Rating: 5/5  PoP: 5%

*If you have strong triggers you should check the author’s note and content warnings before reading this book* Fractured Freedom is the perfect title of this book. Delilah is the “good girl” of her large family. The baby sister of four brothers and twin sister to the rebel of the family. She is often stressed to be perfect and fulfill her parents’ expectations. But before she goes off to college she finds herself alone with Dante Ried, her brother’s best friend and her childhood crush. When they realize the attraction is mutual they spend one week in bliss. However as Dante is deployed and Delilah goes to college things seem strained on Delilah’s end. 

Dante has been a high level government operative for a few years when he is reunited with Delilah in Puerto Rico because she needs someone to get her out of jail. The pull between them is still there but they both have deep secrets that they are going to have to share if they truly want to move forward. It is hard to say much more without giving more of the plot away. Dante is even more he appears to be on the surface but if you pay attention the clues are there.  Delilah keeps searching for a freedom that she can never really find without forgiving herself first. She needs healing to find freedom. 

Dante and Lilah are both in battles that very few people know about and they risk hurting each other by exposing them. Dante believes that Lilah is the good to his bad, but really she is fighting just as hard as him to live everyday. I love how Dante respects and cares for Delilah without being pushy until it is necessary. He knows how to speak to heart and it shows in the ways he cares and surprises her. Delilah has to deal with many devastating realities throughout the book and tries to do so alone, but she learns from her past mistakes. This is an intense, heart pounding read, that I could not put down. Shain Rose does not disappoint.