Review: Falling for Dr. Knight

There is something magical about Dr Knight.  He is beguiling and charming.  Dr. Knight is smooth and charismatic in his words.  I just adored him.  He totally captured my heart from the beginning. 
He is also crazy sexy!   This story will grab your attention from the beginning and hold you until the very last word. 

I felt Cress’ character got over shadowed by Dr. Knight.  But when they are on the page together there is an undeniable magic between them.  Best Friend Ava is the girl we all need in out lives.  She was funny and supportive and just the perfect amount of sassy to keep the story moving.  This was my first exposure to DL Gallie, her writing style is uniquely hers.  She writes a strong and sexy male. I was completely absorbed into this story.  I would recommend for anyone needing a good swoon or a reminder of what falling love feels like.  I give Falling for Dr. Knight an 4/5 star read.