4th Degree by Nikki Castle

Yes, Coach!

4th Degree by Nikki Castle is an age gap that I can get on board with when I typically have a problem with more than ten years in a contemporary romance. I think it mostly comes down to an imbalance of power, but I did not feel that at all in this book. Skylar has been a caregiver for most of her life and doesn’t feel like she fits in with her peers. She is mature beyond her nineteen years. Joining the gym gives her an escape from her responsibilities and I love how it becomes her refuge. It made me want good things for Skylar and I cannot imagine anything better than Coach Dominic. SO MUCH SWOON!!

And So Much Tension!

The tension that builds between these two is absolutely delicious. The evolution of their relationship from coach and student to something “more” feels organic and real. And when it they finally give into it… There is some push and pull because of the age difference, and I don’t want to give anything away, but I love everything about the way it is handled.

The gym and fight scenes are always my favorite in this series. The amount of them in this book made my heart ridiculously happy. Skylar is new to training, so we see that aspect as well as the professional coach’s POV from Dominic. Her excitement for the sport reminded me of watching the first UFC match with my brother. We practiced moves on each other just like Skylar and her brother, hahaha!

Found Family

The found family at Bulldog MMA is unmatched and they show up for Coach in a major way that had heart melting. I will be over here not so patiently waiting for Max and Lucy to get books!

4th Degree is available in Kindle Unlimited. Grab you copy in the link below: