Review: Fake by Kylie Scott

Rating: 4/5
Steam: 3/5
Trope: Slow burn, fake relationship, Hollywood romance, close proximity,
Series: West Hollywood #1 (Series of Standalones)
Pov: 1st person only female heroine

This is such a fantastic read.  A book that the story just flows and flies by. Fake relationship trope is like cat nip for me.  Add in close proximity and the Hollywood aspect and I enjoyed every moment in this story.  There is an ease of this story making it 100% bingeable. 

The story follows Norah, a server in LA whose life is turned upside down when a Hollywood hunk asks her to be his fake girlfriend to of course solve a media mess. Norah has a resilience about her that just endears her to you from the start. She easily becomes the girl you want to have coffee with and share all the gossip.  There are moments I wanted more from her. I wanted to see more of her heart. 

Patrick has been dining at the restaurant Norah works at for a few years, and they’ve never had a real conversation. She respects Patrick’s privacy and watches from afar, but his life is so vastly different than hers that it feels about as real as one of his movies. After a scandal leaves Patrick’s career in jeopardy, his team suggests a fake girlfriend – and Norah is the only woman he wants in the role. As the two move in together and fake it for the cameras, things quickly feel all too real.

This is told exclusively from Norah’s perspective, it’s also one of the things that I really liked in the book.  Where there are moments, I wish I could hear things from Patrick’s point of view. Norah’s thoughts and analyzing of Patrick’s tiny smiles and intense stares adds an element of ambiguity to this fake relationship.  Leaving you are a reader wanting more from them and for them.

Patrick is very thoughtful and did bring the big swoony moments. The honesty as to who these characters are as flawed individuals makes them feel almost real.

The story is a slow burn but there is chemistry to it. You get the feeling that they truly like and care for each other before jumping all in.  Their connection is deeper than just attraction, again adding to the realness of this story. 

My major gripe was I wanted more insight from Patrick. I really wanted to know his heart and his thoughts. Patrick is a man of few words so when we are clued into who he is and his process it makes you love him a little more and the added piece of what he is thinking would have quickly an easily made him a book crush! 

Kylie Scott is a 1 click author for me and this should absolutely be on your TBR.  I would recommend this book over and over again.