Rating: 5/5
Steam: 4/5
Trope: Hockey Romance, Fake Relationship, Swoony, Dirty Talk
Series: Slayer Hockey Series #4
Can be read as a standalone

Wade Grady might have just taken the number one sport of Book Boyfriend!  Oh Gosh this story! 
First of all fake relationship trope is cat nip for me.  I love them.  There is always so much that can go wrong to make the story great! But you add a swoony dirty talking hockey player to the mix and you just know this is a story that is going to be amazing!

Grady is such a smart and humbling hero.  He has all the swagger you want from your hockey playing hero but he comes with another layer.  Hockey didn’t come easy for Grady. He has a work ethic that drives him to his professional career.

Grady is also a totally family guy.  He cares so deeply for his family that he does everything he can to be present when he visits them at home.  There is this one thing back home that interferes with his family time and leaves him looking for a fake girl friend to bring home for his brother’s wedding.   

Harlow was the surprising heroine.  She comes off as aloof and I wasn’t sure how Grady was going to reel her in. Harlow has been driven her whole life.  She is a people pleaser. But at the end of the day, she just wants someone to notice her efforts, to care about her and to put her first.  In the end Harlow is a Boss!  It shows that when you finally open yourself up to love and acceptance you find EVERYTHING you need. 
This book checks so many boxes for me. 
witty banter
steamy tension
a smart heroine
A swoony hockey player. 

I love the stories that Kelly writes. Her hockey players have such heart and love about them.. She is a must read for me.