Review: Cupid Calamity by Kelly Kay and Eve Alexander

Rating: 5/5
Series: Evie and Kelly’s Holiday Disasters, #1
tropes: Meet Cute, Instant connection, Love at first site, Holiday romance

Two books in one. A chance meeting when you are supposed to be meeting someone else. These stories work so well together within this this little mad pack of people.  They are so fun and engaging. It is the perfect story to celebrate the love and chaos of Valentine’s Day!

Story One: Animal Attraction by Evie Alexander

Ben and Laurie are just what you want in a Love at First site couple!  Ben just knew that Laurie was the one!  The way he cares for her is lovely!  The small things make a big impact.  These two stuck with animals was delightful and unique. I loved how it played out. It was such a wonderful quick read and works so well!

Story Two: Stupid Cupid by Kelly Kay

First dates are hard an awkward!  Sabrina and Patrick had what might be the more perfect worst first date ever!   While that have the instant spark there is not the complete soul gutting love until they make through everything.  Which really made their love story feel so genuine and real. I like that they stick around and work on that connection and discover between them. The anticipation of this story is really what makes it so good. Just when you think nothing else can happen something does! EVERYTIME! 

I love the pairing of Kay and Alexander. I think that their unique way of story telling fits together flawlessly. They have created this world that is fun and will bring a smile to your face while reading. I really did enjoy these stories and can not wait for our next holiday match up!