Review: Collide with Me by Claudia Burgoa

Rating: 4/5 PoP:69%  The Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers Book 7

Everyone seems to think that Hutch Sanders is wandering through life with no focus or direction. The exact opposite of Amber Livingstone. Amber is working for her father’s law firm and that is her life, work. When her mother’s health declines and fails, Amber needs to do one last thing for her mom. A road trip with her chicken, Hennifer Aniston. There is just one problem, Amber does not have a license and no one has time for weeks in a car with a chicken. No one except Hutch Sanders. 

Amber and Hutch vaguely know each other, as their families are in the same social circles and Amber was friends with one of Hutch’s sisters. They both have preconceived notions about each other, that they slowly learn are not all true. Hutch really does seem like a lost puppy, but in reality he is a caring and helpful guy that just has not found his calling yet. Amber has been put her whole life into a job that is not fulfilling her or being appreciated by her father. The road trip is eye opening for both of them. They discover new things about themselves, each other, and life. Death and road trips both have a way of making one consider what really matters. 

I like how Amber and Hutch learn to trust each other before pursuing a physical relationship. The progression through the trip is very believable and fun, especially with the considerations taken to the care of a chicken. This book was what I needed to read right now. It is not as angsty and emotional as most of Burgoa’s works, which is refreshing. I like seeing the scope of an author’s creative abilities. (But, I am all here for the big feels too.) As always I love the way all the characters are interconnected and form dysfunctional families. I am interested to see more of the Aldridge-Sanders family and it is nice to revisit favorites.