Review: Cheesy on the Eyes

Cheesy on the Eyes by Teagan Hunter is book 5 in the Slice series. I read this as a stand alone and it did hinder my enjoyment of this story.   

This is a fake girlfriend Trope.  I liked Thea; she isn’t typical.  She is determined and sassy in her small town.  Her one downfall, she doesn’t like pizza.  Who doesn’t like pizza?  

Sullivan is the hero who comes to her rescue. In all honesty she doesn’t need to be rescued as much as just put herself out there. Thea does things against the societal norm professionally but deep down she wants acceptance. She really has so many feelings of being an outcast and trying to find her place is difficult. 

As far fake dating books this was one of the best plots.  Many people in real life start with the let’s hang out and it evolves to feeling and more. This story had me laughing out loud.  I really enjoyed the characters.  It was a fun refreshing flirty read.  I can’t wait to binge the other books of the series. This was a 4/5 read for me.  Looking for an east summer read this is the book/series for you.