Review: Checked (Gold Hockey Book 7) by Elise Faber

A Happily Ever After, unexpected love and Hockey!  It is for sure a hat trick for me. 

This is a slow burn romance. The relationship develops over the course of several months.  It is well written, so it does not feel like it is overly drawn out.  The characters are well written with enough depth to keeps the readers interest.  This is more than just their romance to are both warring against their own personal demons. 

Team nutritionist Rebecca suffers from crippling anxiety. It takes a lot for her to step outside her normal box. However, Dr. Gabe Carter helps her do just that all while slowly falling in love with her. Not only does Rebecca haver her own demons but Gabe more so.  Gabe’s past story had a sad ending but now it’s time to focus on his future and take the blinders off. These two balance each other.  There is a charm about them that keeps the reader engaged. 

There is something special about Gabe and Rebecca’s story.  He was the foundation she didn’t know she needed. She helped remove the scales of sadness from his eyes and helps him see the bright future in front of him.  The hope and the potential of love. Their relationship and attraction helps bring a balance to their lives.  Rebecca’s evolution in this book was extraordinary.  I really enjoined both character’s development. 

 Checked is the love story we all need.  The romance and characters will have you loving love and believing in HEA! This is a 4/5 read for me.  There were a few drags in the story line but the characters keep you engaged.