Review: Chasing the Wild by Elliott Rose

Chasing the Wild by Elliott Rose- A steamy, forbidden-age-gap romance with great chemistry but dragged by pacing issues and a focus on physical scenes over plot.

If you’re looking for a steamy forbidden-love romance, Chasing the Wild by Elliott Rose might be that read. This novel, set on a secluded, snowed-in mountain ranch, explores the intense and forbidden attraction between Layla Birch and Colton Wilder, her ex-boyfriend’s father.

Layla Birch has always been the responsible “good girl.” Life forced her to grow up quickly, take charge, and follow a plan. But her plans didn’t account for Colton Wilder, a rugged cowboy almost twice her age who hires her and takes care of her, making her pulse race every time he’s near. Colton is the quintessential grumpy cowboy, embodying strength and complexity, making him an irresistible yet forbidden figure in Layla’s life.

The tension between Layla and Colton builds as they are snowed in together on the mountain. The forced proximity and growing desire create a palpable tension that keeps the pages turning. Their relationship, filled with longing glances and heated moments, captures the essence of a forbidden romance.

However, Chasing the Wild is lengthy, stretching nearly 500 pages. While the beginning hooks you in with its compelling premise and strong character introductions, the pacing slows down as the story progresses. The focus on the physical relationship between Layla and Colton overshadows more profound character development and plot advancement. The repetitive back-and-forth dynamic can become tiresome, and the narrative would benefit from more concise editing.

Additionally, some minor inaccuracies regarding veterinary medicine—likely due to the author’s New Zealand background versus the story’s U.S. setting—distract from the overall immersion. Despite these issues, Elliott Rose has created an engaging and steamy romance that fans of age-gap and grumpy cowboy tropes will enjoy.

Chasing the Wild isn’t just about steamy scenes; it’s about the push and pull of a forbidden attraction and the complexities of breaking societal norms. While it leans heavily on its steamy elements, it sets the stage for an intriguing series that leaves readers curious about what comes next.

Overall, Chasing the Wild by Elliott Rose offers a blend of romance and steam, making it a noteworthy addition to the forbidden-love genre. If you enjoy and angsty, tension filled slow-burn romance with a hefty dose of steam and complex characters, this book is worth a read.

Book Stats:
Rating: 2.5/5
Series: Crimson Ridge
Tropes: Age-Gap, Single Dad, Ex’s Dad, Forbidden, Cowboy, Forced Proximity,
3rd Act Break up- Yes
POP: 32%| 50%