Review: When I Had You by S.L. Scott

When I Had You by S.L. Scott initially captured me with its engaging characters and dynamic storyline. This book tells the story of Cash Ryatt, a bad boy race car driver, and Marina Wescott, the youngest member of the Wescott family, who is thus forbidden territory for Cash.

From the moment Marina flies into Miami and makes an appearance at the racetrack, the tension between her and Cash is palpable. Despite his bad boy persona, Cash reveals a softer, more caring side when he’s around Marina. The chemistry between them is electric, and I particularly enjoyed their witty banter and the unfolding family dynamics.

However, while the overall plot kept me engaged, a few aspects left me undecided about the book. For instance, there seemed to be a lack of in-depth research regarding the racing setting. Formula 1 races are held in Austin, Texas, not Dallas, and the term “Principle One Racing” was used incorrectly. Principle One Racing actually refers to a team management role within Formula 1, involving critical decisions and strategic operations, not a type of racing.

Cash Ryatt, the former bad boy of racing, now lives in NYC and races for Wescott Racing, a family-owned team. Marina Wescott, an up-and-coming Hollywood starlet with Broadway roots, adds a unique twist to the story. The subplot involving Cash’s son Ryan and Terpidity, a model and the mother of Cash’s child from an accidental pregnancy, adds another layer of complexity to the narrative.

The transition from enemies to lovers between Cash and Marina happened a bit too quickly for my liking. I felt that their relationship needed more gradual development to be entirely believable. The conflict felt somewhat forced, and the resolution seemed odd and rushed.

I also found the writing style a bit jarring at times. The sudden scene changes without proper transitions made it challenging to follow the storyline smoothly. A bit more continuity would have enhanced the reading experience.

On the positive side, I enjoyed the audio narration by Sebastian York and CJ Bloom. Their performances brought the characters to life, although the abrupt scene changes were noticeable even in the audio version.

Overall, When I Had You by S.L. Scott is a compelling read with engaging characters and an intriguing plot. While some aspects could have been improved, the book overall was enjoyable. However, I’m still unsure if this author’s style is for me.

Book Stats:
Rating 3/5
Tropes: Sports Romance, Race Car, Single Dad, Forbidden (boss-employee), Close Proximity, grumpy sunshine,
Put out percentage:  48%  
Audio narrators: Sebastian York, CJ Bloom 
3rd act Break up- yes