Ep 211: What to Read Next in Romance: Anticipated Books for July, August, September.

In this episode, Lindsey, Leah, and Becky help you find what to read next in romance. We dive into their TBR lists for July, August, and September. Join us as we share some of our most anticipated reads and discuss the exciting books we look forward to devouring in the coming months.

Books Mentioned this episode:

  • The Next Best Fling by Gabriella Gamez/Debut 
  • Cross the Line by Simone Soltani 
  • Beautiful Beast by Neva Altaj 
  • Broken by Sadie Kincaid  
  • King of Nothing by Aurora Rose Reynolds  
  • Dawn of Flames by Tessa Hale  
  • Forbidden by Sawyer Bennett 
  • Vows In Corruption by Jocelyne Soto  
  • Where We Ended by Ashley Munoz  
  • The Truth According to Ember by Danica Nava 
  • Stay Real by Kaylee Ryan  
  • Enticing her Love by Melissa Foster  
  • Keep Tuscany by Kelly Kay  
  • OHAH by Brit Benson- Next book in the Hometown Heartthorbs.  Same world as Between Never and Forever  
  • Alone with You by Aly Martinez 
  • Bannapants by Penny Reid 
  • Colt by Cala Riley- book 3 in their MC Series  
  • The Indomitable Mr. Temple by Lindo Forbes.  Book 2  

The Rules of Dating a Younger Man by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward- book 4 

Played by Naima Simone 

Wild Eyes by Elsie Silver 

Twisted Knight by K Bromberg 

Iced by Cala Riley  

My Favorite Boss by Melanie Moreland  

Between Desire and Denial by Shain Rose- book 4 in the Hardy Brothers series  

The Trail Often Crossed by Ambar Cordova 

Love Archives Anthology raising money for Families in Palestine  100 short stories from some of your favorite romance authors 


Goldfinch by Raven Kennedy 

Sanctuary by Ilona Andrew

Good Duke Gone Wild by Bethany Bennett

The Trouble with Inventing a Viscount by Vivienne Lorret 

The Baller by Lulu Moore

Fall with Me by Becka Mack

Rally by Devney Perry

Slow Burn by Claire Ivy

Change of Hart by Bailey Hannah 

The Lumberjack by Susan Stoker! 

Second Edition by Cleo White  

The Three Night Stand by Roxie Noir 

A Fearless Memory – Marie Johnston 

Easton – Riley Edwards 

The Wrecked One – Brittney Sahin 

The Hero She Craves – Anna Hackett 

Vampire Runner – Rowan Hart

The Best Friend and the Short Stop – Ginger Scott 

The Best of All – Karla Sorensen 

The Lumberjack – Susan Stoker 

Delicate Escape.- Catherine Cowles 

Bourbon Promises – Walker Rose 

Bananapants – Penny Reid 

Saving Lauren – Marit Prins 

The Wrecked One – Brittney Sahin 

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