Review: Bayou Sweetheart by Lexi Blake

Rating: 5/5
Series: Butterfly Bayou Book #5
Series Type: Series of Standalones
Tropes: Small Town, Veteran, Hollywood/Norm, first responder, Floofs, meet-cute, Slow Burn
POP: 36% |68%

A Hollywood Sweetheart and a small town Deputy plus some Trash Panda Pandemonium this book was just the book to lift your summer reading right out of the slump!

I love this small town series from Lexi Blake. The joy and heart in these stories leave me desperate to visit the bayou of Louisiana. I love all the quirkiness and shenanigans that comes with the town of Papillon. There is also a beauty in the way the author cares for these characters and stories.

Brynn is a veteran of Hollywood at the ripe old age of 25. She has spent 20 years acting to help support her mom and sister. She is not spoiled or entitled. While physically beautiful, she also has this soul shattering beauty in the way she listens and cares for the people she loves. I really loved Brynn. I loved how she views the world without skepticism. She easily could have been a brat and jaded instead she just wants peace. She wants the quiet moments to draw but she also is very aware of how her celebrity status effects people in her life. 

Major Blanchard is a man with the world on his shoulders mostly because he put them there.  He has moved to Papillon to care for his father.  Major is a care taker. He feels a soul crushing responsibility for everyone and everything. I really wanted to give him a hug.  He is that guy that steps up when ever needed.  He is the guy that you can count on. He is BOOK BOYFRIEND GOLD! 

The evolution of their relationship was natural and so unexpected. So many lighthearted and caring moments. The fact that they could sit in the quiet with out need for explanation is lovely. There is a moment when Brynn was trying to look at the sky and trips and misses the beauty of the covers.  To help her Major lays in the grass to capture the pictures of it for her because the clouds set in. She did not ask him; he just knew he needed to do it for her.  

Of course, there are shenanigans because this is a town full of characters and quirkiness. The meet cute between Major and Brynn had me laughing out loud.  Trash pandas, quicksand, alligators and Zep make for one the best reads of the summer.