Bad wedding was the 9th book in the Billionaire club romance by Elise Faber.

This is Jackson and Molly’s story. Four years ago, they were engaged and on the threshold of marrying.  That is until Jackson never showed up for their wedding day. After years, Molly has turned her Bakery in to a huge success.  Molly is ready to cut the final tie between her and Jackson.  She is ready to buy him out of her Bakery.  Jackson isn’t ready to let Molly go.  Even though he has left he has still always kept tabs on her out of safety and love.  Molly doesn’t really forgive and forget Jackson for what he did four years ago.  As soon as Jackson saw those papers and Molly’s demands, he refused. Now he is back to convince her to give him another chance.

This story was not just a typical second chance romance.  There were reasons Jackson didn’t show up for his wedding day.  I don’t agree with how he handled things, but I get it.  As you get to know Molly you are rooting for them.  You want them to be able to move past the threat and find their HEA.  I really liked Molly.  She is strong and sassy.  She is being her best self-making a success of things since experiencing the biggest heartbreak of her life.  Like many of us she wonders if thing would be different if she and Jackson had made other choices.  The biggest thing is she has become more self-reliant.  She does not need Jackson to provide for her or take care of her. 

This Book was a great Contemporary romance read for all the rom-com lovers out there.  This is a quick and easy read; it can be read as a standalone or as a part of the series.  Be prepared for a strong and sassy Female Lead who doesn’t know how to give up!  This story is told in dual perspectives.  We come to expect from Faber this is a fantastic example of contemporary Romance!!