Reluctantly Royal | Erin Nicholle & Erin Nicholas

OH MY GOODNESS.  If there is ever a Prince to fall in love with it is certainly Torin O’Grady.  Erin had teased him as a cinnamon roll in the streets and a alpha in the sheets and she 100% delivered.  Torin is a man that knows what he wants.  He is smart, driven, and wants nothing more than for his country to be a place people want to live.  In order to do that he needed to find the perfect partner, and he found Abigail.  Abigail is a delight, and a princess you want to be besties with! She is an actual genius and has a kind heart.  She wants to make a difference in the world. Abi in no way treated Torin the way most people treat him, she challenged him.  And Torin, well he let Abigail shine like the star she is.  She had the ideas and he had the ways to make them happen. When Torin proposes a marriage of convenience to Abi, of course she doesn’t respond the way others would have, because that is the exact reason Torin adores her so much!  These two have an undeniable chemistry that everyone around them can see, and love each other so deeply.  I think one of the reasons that I love these two so much is they were always raising each other up and supporting each other’s ideas and goals.  And their chemistry behind closed doors away from the public….hot damn!  Torin has a dirty mouth on him and he cannot keep his hands off his wife.  These two are perfect in every way! The introduction to the country of Cara and all of the players allowed readers to understand the culture and family dynamics but didn’t crowd the page. While I haven’t read the Boyu series in total I thoroughly enjoyed the crossover, too! If you love a cinnamon roll that is head over heels in love with his heroine, a smart heroine with a love of farming, amazing chemistry, and a family series, this book and new series should be on your TBR!