Where We Started by Ashley Munoz

Book Review: Where We Started (Stone Riders MC #1) by Ashley Munoz

Where We Started by Ashley Munoz is a second-chance romance about childhood friends Wesley Ryan and Callie Stone. Set in a small town in Virginia, this story explores love, loss, and redemption within the Stone Riders Motorcycle Club.

Callie returns home after seven years following her father’s death. Her father, the president of the Stone Riders MC, has left her to face Wesley, now the club’s MC. This sets the stage for a tale filled with unresolved emotions and old wounds.

The dynamic between Wesley and Callie is intense. Munoz captures the raw, toxic nature of their relationship well. Their struggle to move past old wounds is compelling, and it’s satisfying to see them attempt to heal.

However, the book has its drawbacks. The biggest issue is that it doesn’t resolve the past convincingly. The use of flashbacks, especially only from Wes’s perspective for the first half, made it hard to connect with them in the present. The nostalgic time flips to their childhood were cute but rushed, leaving crucial moments underdeveloped.

The audiobook, performed by Lauren Ezzo and Bradley Ford, was exceptionally well done. Bradley’s gritty voice added a layer of personality to the characters, while Lauren encompassed the sweetness and determination of Callie’s character perfectly.

Additionally, the mystery and suspense elements didn’t get enough attention, leaving me wanting more. Despite these flaws, the narrative is engaging, and I understand why it’s recommended.

Overall, Where We Started is an enjoyable read but lacks depth in character development and plot. For me, it’s a 3.5-star read. If you enjoy gritty second-chance romances with nostalgia, this book might be worth your time.

Book Stats:
Rating: 3.5/5
Series: Stone Riders MC
Tropes: mc-club, second-chance, childhood-friends, anti-hero, blue-collar, close-proximity, danger-stalker-kidnapping, dark-moment-no-break-up, found-family,  morally-grey, pining-for-her, possessive-alpha-hero, small-town
3rd Act Break up- No but a dark moment
audiobook: Lauren Ezzo, Bradley Ford
POP: 59%
CW: On page violence, Mention of SA