This debut novel by Mary Morano did not read like a debut.  It is evident that the characters and storyline were well thought out.  Nicole and Brayden were childhood friends, and when his teen boy antics cause them to drift apart he is devastated.  As the pair start their college lives states away where they each are living out their dreams, hers to be an author and his to play hockey.  They live separate lives for years, until a trip home for the summer brings them together. 

Nicole is a hilarious woman who knows she is and makes no attempt to hide herself from the world.  She is quirky, funny, and has some pretty amazing one liners!  

Brayden clearly is a leader based on the conversations he has with his teammates and friends.  He doesn’t hide that Nicole is his end game and works hard to make up for his past transgressions.  He also is fun and a go with the flow kind of guy that you would love to hang out with.  It is clear that he is a friend you want in your corner. 
And the side characters. 

I will be honest, and say I wasn’t so sure if the team’s nicknames but they grew on me and I always looked forward to what his teammates were up to….especially Tattoo.  And their moms, they are equally hilarious.  I related to their meddling as I could see myself doing all of the same things! 

There were several times throughout this book that I had to stop because I was laughing so hard.  This pair put on a smile on my face throughout this book….and I loved how it was not rushed either.  While they had a lot of history, this was a new type of relationship and they took their time to get there.  And when they did it was not only hot but it was very sweet.  Brayden took such care with Nicole, and it was evident how much he cared about her.  This is a quick read with fabulous characters, and I am so looking forward to more books in this series! You can read this series on Kindle Unlimited! Fantastic debut, Mary!