On the Line Hockey Anthology…

Anthologies are one of my favorite things to read, and a hockey anthology filled with awesome authors that I love and new ones to try out.  Sign me UP!!! 

First, I loved that Kat Mizera gifted us with an older couple that was ready for a second chance at love after loss.  Readers were already familiar with Maria and Adam, and I appreciated so many things about their story!  There were so many great moments in this little snippet into their lives, but I don’t want to ruin, just do yourself a favor and read it! I promise you will not be disappointed.  

Another favorite author of mine in the anthology was GIna Azzi where she gifted readers with Hudson and Piper as well as a little intro into what is next for her!  I am a total sucker for friends to lovers, and this one was perfect! Hudson and Page were besties through high school and lost touch through college, now both home for the holidays and sparks fly!  So many sparks! And adorable uncle antics….I promise you will love Hudson and Piper as much as I did!To say I devoured Snowed by Elise Faber is an understatement, and I quickly pre-ordered the next book she teased us with in this little short! Jolie and Leo had an unexpected meeting, and Leo was swoon worthy! I loved how he just put himself out there and was immediately drawn to hard working Jolie! Jolie was just plain delightful….and I adored her!  These two might have started off as an unlikely pair, but it quickly became apparent that they were made for one another!
To say I loved this anthology would be a huge understatement … .I loved these; the stories were just long enough to enjoy one each night before I climbed into bed for the night, as well as introduced me to new authors! I added so many books to my kindle after reading this anthology and I am not at all sorry!