Nicoli by Bella J

I finally got my hand on Nicoli by Bella J. It was not what I expected. I don’t know if it was the hype I built up for this book and this couple or if it comes from my lack of books I have read by the Bella J.

I am not sure this book gave me what I needed for the couple. It was a wild ride for these characters, and I am not sure they even like each other.  I was incredibly underwhelmed by the story.

Nicoli and Mirabella have been hinting at their attraction to each other since they first met, and while Nicoli is fiercely protective of her, he also makes some reckless decisions that he knows will hurt her. He’s afraid to admit his love for her because he’s worried about the consequences. 

Nicoli is a highly sexual person, and some readers may find certain scenes uncomfortable. Mirabella is aware of his behavior at Myth, but she also has secrets of her own that are revealed, making things even steamier between them. It’s also worth noting that the Del Rossa brothers like to share, but that’s all that will be said about that.  

When Nicoli and Mirabella finally come together, it’s explosive and passionate, with enough heat to make your Kindle feel like it might explode. Their connection is deep, and it’s satisfying to finally see them together.  

I did feel let down by some of their lack of moments. Whenever they are on the page together, they are basically fighting. It just made it difficult for me to stay engaged in the story. 

This book ends on a cliff hanger with their relationship not completely solidified.  There are of course lots of things still up in the air. The question as to who to trust and what dangers still lurk in the shadows is unresolved.  The book also sets up some interesting plot points for the next installment in Nicoli and Mirabella’s story. Overall, it’s a decent read, but not must-read. I am not completely sold on coming back for book 2.

Book Stats:
Rating 3/5
Series: Dark Sovereign Book 4
Tropes: Mafia, Close Proximity, Forced Proximity, childhood crush, advisories to lovers to enemies, Found Family, Possessive Alpha Hero,
Pop: 10%